Why handwritten?

I prefer the blank page and a good pen, any day.

I like to write my first drafts in a big journal; I prefer printing out drafts and pulling out my red pen to edit by hand; and always and ever will be in love with making marks on the page. There's something about the physical connection that helps my brain slow down enough to process the story—to pull out and notice the good stuff.

I'm one of those people that gets compliments on my handwriting, so that encourages this predilection for working by hand with pen and paper, I suppose. I would like to thank my junior high self, exploring who she was in large part by the way she signed her name and filled out her homework. There was even a period where I played with bubble letters and hearts on my i's, but I promise it was a short-lived fad that I generally try to forget.

I like working by hand. I don't mind getting my hands dirty. In fact, ink and paint on my fingers? That's a good day.

Let's get to work together.